New Music: UMFANG "Weight"

There’s something about the rejection of intellectualisation that I really love about UMFANG’s music and her approach to live techno. Speaking on making music, UMFANG (aka Emma Burgess) explains that she wants people to know that “it’s accessible… [she] taught myself and you can learn too.” To receive this in our inbox was a relief, as most of our emails that go straight to the trash involve an over-articulation of electronic music, comprised of various statements to reinforce hierarchies and distance between the artist and the listener. In reality, the relative accessibility of learning about and making electronic music should’ve really had the opposite effect. Anyways, ‘Weight’ is a patient and tranquil piece of music that ebbs and flows and never overstays its welcome. It’s comfortable in all the right ways and a gorgeous first taste of UMFANG’s upcoming LP, ‘Symbolic Use Of Light’

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