Walking around the Yarra with Soda Lite and Liffey the Dog

In Eco is the gorgeous new release from Melbourne’s Soda Lite. Out through one of our favourite labels, Constellation Tatsu, the record moves through some really transcending new age ambience with a healthy mix of soft delayed synths and field recordings in Melbourne, Australia. One of the places of particular inspiration was Galatea Point, around Dights Falls near the inner northern suburb of Abbotsford. To get an idea of this region through his eyes, we asked Alex and his cute dog Liffey to take us on a tour.


Rainbow Lorikeet Galatea

A lot of rainbow lorikeets have nests in Galatea Point. Their colours are hypnotising, and their language is incredibly expressive; you can spend ages just watching them communicate with one another.

Dights Falls

The cliffs on the opposite bank to Dights Falls show sedimentary layers of sandstone and mudstone which have been dated using marine fossils to be around 420 million years old. The area has significant cultural importance to the Wurundjeri people, who still visit for traditional meetings and activities. A ‘fishway’ was built in 2012 to help 17 species of native fish overcome the human-made falls and migrate upstream.  

Info Plaque

I love the way this sign has aged over time. The text reads: “The reactive black soils or ‘Merri Creek mud’ of northern Melbourne are derived from the weathering of the basalt, lava flows from ancient volcanoes that have created the Western Plains.”

Liffey Water

Here is my angelic dog friend Liffey, calmly luxuriating in the water just near Dights Falls. This whole area is infused with the peaceful echo of the lerp-eating bell miner (which, despite the soothing call, is actually quite territorial: earlier I caught one swooping and chasing away a white-faced heron)

The Birrarung

The 'Yarra' River, properly known as Birrarung by the Wurundjeri people, which was carved into existence by the volcanic power of the eagle-bodied deity, Bunjil. 

In Eco is available now on cassette and digital through Constellation Tatsu. Grab it over here.