Premiere: Saudade Sisters "Where You Are"

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.57.01 pm.png

What better way to get back into the premiering game than with some new gold from the always dreamy Saudade Sisters. In every sense the new video for Where You Are, a standout track on last years Wrong Ones EP, is an absolute delight. The video moves through scenes that look like they’ve come straight from an old VHS in a closet at your old family home - warm, nostalgic and oblivious to the world outside your suburb. A project that began with a goodbye, Saudade Sisters’ recordings developed remotely when Jena moved to Seattle from Dallas. Where You Are doesn’t seem distant however, but rather comfortable and leisurely, like hanging out with someone you can enjoy silence with.

Grab the EP through Sports Day Records over here.

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