New Music: Rolling Mass "Prime Unity"

Rolling Mass.jpeg

As you may have noticed, we took a sizeable break for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately when you do what we do and take your email off your phone, the inbox fills and the anxiety over how you’re gonna find days to go through eight hundred emails is enough to make you wanna shut it all down and never listen to new music ever again. It was a big relief however to see some familiar faces in the form of a new release from Rolling Mass aka. Carolyn Schofield (Fia Fiell) and Max Kohane (Max Crumbs), and I couldn’t help but slide it into my headphones as I travelled through unfamiliar subway stations. Their music is a beautiful sum of both artists’ incredible approach to sound, and being a big fan of both of their work, Prime Unity feels like a real highlight. It’s the title track from their debut 12-inch through L.A. label Brain Dead Records, and comes paired with an incredibly mesmerising video from Errol Green (Exotic Snake).

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