Video Premiere: Prudence "After the Moon"

There’s something wonderfully consistent about Prudence’s work. She has a really unique way of looking at eras and breathing new light in them, and so this new single may sound like Kate Bush joining the Turkish psych scene in the 70’s, but it also sounds curiously 2017. After the Moon is a total delight - every element is patient, contributing to a long form gem that weaves together gorgeously. Visually the video from Jenny Baumert doesn’t stray too much from the imagery in the music. The scenes she creates are so vibrant with colour that you can’t help but feel you’ve stepped into a new world, totally fitting of the timeless and worldly nature of the track.

About the video Prudence explains;

"I followed Jenny on instagram and loved her photography and videos so much, so I hit her up to see if we could work together. She is really amazing, and brought all these incamera effects, things like prisms, diffusion sheets to bend light, placing different fabric like lace and sequins around the camera lens which tripped things out. We also used lots of reflective surfaces and shot things through glass and crystal balls. Making the video was super fun! I had just finished a production with Four Larks with Eli and Esther who are the dancers, they worked together on the choreography to create a series of movements which could be repeated and referenced during the video. I love the way it came together, how it feels as though they are inhabiting a different kind of space, more primal and subconscious than the over saturated, reflective world I am in."

Order yourself a very limited 7” through Eastmint over here.