New Music: Mary Glenn "Dance Floor"

First time I’m writing about music that I couldn’t find a way to embed - so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it (maybe open this up in a new tab and come back here when you’re done). I have no idea who Mary Glenn is as they haven’t chosen to reveal themselves, but a friend told me they have their suspicions. Out through Little Lake, the EP is slow and patient, a little reminiscent of early Cat Power, but also very much loaded up with that Two Bright Lakes era charm (for those of you not obsessed with everything TBL like us - Little Lake is the shy child to come post-TBL closure aka. the saddest day in Melbourne music). Dance Floor is a gorgeous opener to an EP made up of only voice and guitar - a track that is content with its own heartbreak, the morning after long, honest conversations “you don’t have to love me, you can stop trying” to later that weekend “if you were wondering where to find me, i’ll be on the dance floor, letting it hold me like you never would”. Comforting and intimate, the whole EP is a real subtle delight and one that’ll keep you warm all autumn.


Download the EP through Little Lake over here.