Track by Track: Lachlan Denton "EP"

Released last Friday, “EP” is the modest and reflective debut solo outing from Lachlan Denton. You’ve probably seen him around before, playing in The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch as well as a heap of other bands and managing one of Melbourne’s strongest labels, Osborne Again. He’s one busy guy, so we’re pretty lucky that he’s taken some time out to tell us a bit about each track.




All We've Got was the first song I wrote for the EP although at that stage I hadn't decided to make an EP. All the songs are about growing up in some way, I guess this song is a reflection on where I am and where I want to go. I want to have the same effect on the people around me as my friends so often have on me. 


I moved to Melbourne from Wagga Wagga when I was 18 which is coming up 10 years. I was pretty hot headed when I first moved and I learnt pretty quickly that it wasn't going help me. Over all it's been a really positive experience and has given me the ability empathise with a lot of people who have had a totally different experiences then my own. When I was a kid I always thought I was born in the wrong place but over time my move to Melbourne has helped me understand my family and where I come from. Habit is about kicking negative habits, physical or mental. I'm still working on it as I'm sure we all are. 


I realised at some point that I was only as much of an anomaly as anyone else. When I was younger I felt different from everyone else like I was either going to grow older as an unappreciated outcast or become mega famous. I think we're often told that some people are more talented, interesting or special than others. I don't subscribe to this. My way of thinking is that we are all totally the same in many ways and utterly unique in others. At least for me it's a good way to deal with status anxiety and be understanding of those around me.


Regret is the only song on the EP with drums played by my brother Zac. It's a song about living in the past be it in a self critical way or through a nostalgic lense. We've got one life and although I think we can learn from our past, self blame isn't going to help anyone and in many cases may even cause more hurt for others. On the other side of the coin I've often thought how easy it is to brush over all the negatives of our past and tell ourselves that things were better back then. Living in the now seems like the best option. 

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