Inflorescence 20

📸: Sessility

New Band - Bitter & Alone

A song about having no money and living off Brunswick falafel and/or cheese pies (though still not enough cash to be able to go to your #1 - Mankoushe). Is this entire song subtweeting me? It’s great.

GL - Reflect

To be honest, I feel like this is GL at their finest. I enjoy their short and sharp disco pop, but I’ve always wanted to hear them in longer extended 12” version, and they’ve totally delivered here. Complete with the cheesy fade out, Reflect is heaven.

Isabel - Patterns

You know those moments when a pop song is so damn clean and perfect that it speaks for itself? This is one of those moments.

Jon Bap - Gooder Than Before / Forced

This one came out forever ago, but one of my favourite past times is heading through the Fresh Selects soundcloud and god damn - I just gotta make sure you’ve all heard this one.