Inflorescence 19


📷: Sessility

Billy Davis - Ball and Chain

Featuring extra vocals from KHIA, Ball & Chain is a new favourite of mine from iconic Melbourne producer Billy Davis. That piano solo at the end 👌

lula - Collect It

lula’s work is a little more well known in other mediums, but this track definitely shows her talents are for from confined to being behind the camera.

Daniel Caesar - Streetcar (Swell Edit)

Swell’s I’m Sorry was on repeat for me for months last year. I kinda lost touch until this one popped up on the soundcloud stream. A beautiful emotional remake of another favourite artist of mine, Daniel Caesar.

Hannah Kate - Sister

I’m really late to Late Brunch, the debut EP from Melbourne’s Hannah Kate, but I’m seriously glad I finally got there. Lo-fi and messy in all the right places, Sister is my personal highlight from the release. It’s a slower, more patient track that showcases Hannah’s falsetto really beautifully with an intimacy in their sound that reminds me a lot of Eskimeaux.