Inflorescence 18

πŸ“·: Sessility

Joyce Wrice - Good Morning

Joyce on cassette!? This sounds (and even kinda looks) like the Miss Thang cassette I found a few years back and have dropped in every tape DJ set I’ve done to date. Everything about this track is incredible.

TOPS - Dayglow Bimbo

Always here for new TOPS after their amazing Tender Opposites LP back in 2012. The new song is a little more straight-forward, but still has that interesting charm to it.

slom - Moments (w/ J-Rican)

Those unquantised slow feelings, the addition of J-Rican is so special - a little bit Daniel Ceaser but with way more interesting production in my opinion.

Chiara Noriko x Skye Chai - Tell Me

I want to send an auto-reply to everyone who sends me music with autotune with a link to this song so they can hear how it’s done.