Inflorescence 17

I've fluctuated between feeling burned out, anxious and excited af this week. Shoutout to my pal Yeo for this photo. This is our house on a sunny day a few years back - it looks a bit different today, but it made me feel a heap of sentimental feelings and brought me back down. If you got some 35mm you wanna share that makes you feel good, send it through.

📷: Hotel Traffic


Heathcote Blue - Leschenaultia

The new Heathcote Blue LP is well worth your time. Experimental-tinged alt-folk from brother and sister duo Lyndon and Maddy Blue with plenty of highlights - there if you needed further proof that Perth is the place to be right now.

Squidgenini - Alligator

This is my fav from Squidgenini so far. An ode to all the people that just don’t get it when you’re just not that into them - I really hope that dude finally gets now that he needs to leave her the fuck alone.

dilaryhuff - Jeanette

I don’t know much about dilaryhuff, but I know someone called Jeanette and they’re super lovely. I also know that this song deserves more than 25 plays. It was supposed to be on our last mixtape, but we couldn’t get the DL in time - so here it is <3

Swim Team - Are You Forgetting Something?

This is me kinda playing catch up. Couldn’t write about this at the time it came out, but two months late is better than never. The new Swim Team EP is the best and this track in particular is a big hit.