Inflorescence 16

Haven't done one of these in a while. So many good things in our soundcloud stream this week including some gems some of our fav labels Chapter Music (the incredible Jessica Says) and TEEF (their latest signing Exhibitionist), as well as new tracks from Wooing + 오영 & 밤샘 out of Korea.

 *contented emoji*
📷: Sessility


Jessica Says - Rock Candy

Ever since We Need to Talk I’ve always had a soft spot for Jessica Says. Always dense with nuance and complexity, each release gives you something you weren’t expecting. Exploring the kinds of ‘romantic situations that are unsustainable but invigorating’, Rock Candy is a sweet second taste of what is sure to be an album of uncomfortable yet undeniably human experiences, delivered in Jessica’s sentimental yet not nostalgic-just-for-the-sake-of-it style.

Exhibitionist - Hands

A gorgeously crafted, slow building, percussive debut. The vocal flourishes in this new one from the Sydney artist work so tastefully over that kinda minimal production that's thankfully not-so-minimal it doesn't allow for interesting chord changes.

Wooing - In Colour

Another incredibly colourful debut track in this series, this time from NY based Wooing. Those two chords before the rest of the band came in had me on the edge of my seat - and the rest of the song had me pretty excited for what was to come from the three piece.

오영 - waitmylove<3 (w/ 밤샘)

Beautiful, patient, minimal beat and the kind of gorgeous chords that'll make you wanna sell everything to buy a rhodes. All too short, but you’ll just have to pop it on repeat.