Inflorescence 15

Really nice tracks from a bunch of cool legends this week in Yeri, LOVING, TennisSchenay. Also, this photo was taken by my pal Vivan Vo in Hawaii. If you're a cool legend like Vivan and would like your 35mm shots featured here - email me.

📷: Vivan Vo


Yeri - Ocean

Okay, so super late to this but after coming across this incredible collab a few weeks ago it’s opened me up to a lot of incredible stuff from the three artists. Ocean is spacious and catchy pop music for those who cannot get enough of those distinct k-pop style chords.

LOVING - Bowlly Goes Dancing Drunk Into the Future

This song is a fresh mango on a 35º day. Get their record over here.

Tennis - Fields of Blue

A few years ago at the height of chillwave/lo-fi surf rock, a pal put a Tennis track on a mixtape for me - I’ve been a fan ever since. The band has always delivered quality, keeping the same nostalgic aesthetic whilst just concentrating on being better writers throughout all their records since. Fields of Blue is maybe my favourite off their new LP - Yours Conditionally, which came out earlier this month.

Schenay - Made It

Yep okay, so this is the week I’m late to everything. Whatever. When you come across something as innovative, experimental and beautiful as Made It - you just gotta share it. This timing/dynamic changes in this are something else.