Inflorescence 13

New hits this week from a bunch of Australian acts you need to add to your lineups asap like $AVAGE THE GIRL, Simo Soo/Sissi Reagan and Beloved Elk as well as a beautifully unusual pop hit I stumbled across on soundcloud from Yerino2zcat & UNE.

📷: Hotel Traffic


$AVAGE THE GIRL - fiji w4tr.jpg

Beautifully rough and lo-fi R&B from this pretty elusive Melbourne artist. Keep an eye on this soundcloud.

Yeri X no2zcat - Wanna be yours (feat. UNE)

Hiding in some pretty disonant chords and non-traditional instrumentation is an incredibly thought out and beautifully written pop track. UNE’s vocal performance is flawless and the experimentation is something really special that I can’t put my finger on, but has me coming back for more.

Simo Soo - Love Song ft. Sissi Reagan

My fav from Simo Soo’s wonderfully titled release - We've All Been Tricked Into Thinking This Reality Is Normal & Acceptable, It's Not... Splatterings of autotune and melodic flourishes appear all over the place in this one, Simo and Sissi compliment each other really nicely. Grab the record for free over here.

Beloved Elk - Distractions

Sounding a little like American Football pre-underwhelming comeback, this new one from Beloved Elk is a really moving experience. Incredible drumming/dynamic changes throughout the whole track, it’s my personal highlight off their new record through LISTEN Records (which you should grab over here).