Premiere: Great Earthquake "State I'm In"

Great Earthquake State I'm In cover 72.jpg

Self-filmed and edited by Great Earthquake (Noah Symons) himself, ‘State I'm In’ feels warm and familiar in a way that so many music videos fall short of. The stop motion imagery is beautiful and endearing, but as a whole the video conveys something much deeper - an appreciation of those quieter, more routine moments that contribute to a time and place that feels special to you. Musically the song has elements of the kind of post-punk that embraces imperfect repetition without tipping into anything cheesily psychedelic - an element that made bands like Essendon Airport so special. Noah’s expression is honest and a little deadpan, as he sings “I want to have, want to have control in my actions”. 

It’s a perfect follow up to first single 'Learn to Love the Ordinary’, and a comfortable suggestion that his upcoming Thinking & Making cassette (out April 27th through Lost & Lonesome) is one you’re surely gonna have on repeat all winter. Pre-order over here.