Premiere: Girlatones "Share the Love"

Girlatones have one of those direct, classic sounds that feels instantly familiar - yet you never really get the sense that this is a restriction for them. In fact, there’s a directness in the Melbourne band’s newest single, Share the Love, that seems more just like a logical next step for those familiar with many of their time-honoured influences. At just under 2 minutes, the single is honest and sincere in a beautifully awkward way. It reminds me a hell of a lot of that classic debut Sonny and the Sunsets record, and I hardly think this’ll be the last hit we hear from Girlatones.

About the single, the band mentions;

“‘Share The Love' explores the theme of interpersonal connection. The song reasons that the capacity to connect with others is always within. I guess though, sometimes being awkward humans, we just need a little bit of encouragement. Intrinsic in the song is a belief in humanity."

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