Premiere: Fair Maiden "Willow"


Talk about stunning. We’re pretty excited to be premiering this gorgeous new video from Adelaide legends Fair Maiden. Willow is yet another classic from the band who have a new record (Oleander) coming out next month through Hysterical Records.

“Willow is about being totally overwhelmed and engulfed by the world. It’s about feeling passion, wild emotions and an overflow of such intense power and energy you could claw the skin off of your own body. At the same time though, it’s about feeling all these things while your doing nothing. Being so bored that you could scream, but you just remain lying down on your back desperate for some kind of childish attention. I’m not sure if this makes any sense I’m finding it difficult to explain. Sometimes when I’m about to fall asleep, I get a sudden almighty urge to run. It’s so strong in my mind but my body refuses to get up and stays firmly in bed. The song is about that kind of contradicting feeling, I suppose it’s a form of anxiety. I don’t know... feel free to interpret the song as you see fit and maybe someone can explain it to me lol.'“

Filmed and edited on super 8 by Harriet Fraser-Barbour, the video has a timeless quality that feels incredibly familiar yet breathtakingly exciting and new. My only previous exposure to Harriet’s videos was a super 8 wedding video she made for our friends that I’m pretty sure no one has ever watched it with a dry eye. Harriet’s visual composition, attention-to-detail and tasteful editing skills make her truly one of the best video artists in the country imo.

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