New Music: Divide and Dissolve "Crimes of the Future"

A collaboration between Melbourne band Divide and Dissolve and NY artist/writer Minori Sanchiz-Fung, Crimes of the Future is a truly special closing track on an incredibly important and masterful debut record. Over a simple and repetitive guitar line and sound effects sounding a little like wind in a park of dead trees on the coldest day of the year, Minori is stern and warning - speaking of the concept of crime, its creation and its realities for people incarcerated on colonialised land. “Due to the great success of crime, everyone will go to jail”. Crimes of the Future is a fitting end to BASIC, a record on a mission to decolonize heavy metal (which you should read more about here).

Here’s an excerpt of the poem (but for the full effect, turn up your speakers and listen to the whole thing).

“To create crime
line-up the society, 
draw a line there --
and cast off all other varieties. 

As soon as you create it, 
make a place to contain it, because it will be
an expanding thing. 

The society that creates crime
will not want to witness it, 
feeling that that itself is a crime. 

There will be people who will do this, 
who will make the separation for us, as long as they
are left to do their herding as they’d like. 

More and more people will be usurped by crime
to make the idea of crime more uncomfortable to the society. 

Because crime is bound by no wall, and returns to the world in spite of who is captured, we are obliged to free all criminals as soon as they enter the cell ,and the crime leaves them. 

Crime will pour out of every building, finding great success amongst the land of men. And the herders will be forced to go back and forth from the crimes to the jails and back to the scenes of the crimes and they’ll have buses coming and going regularly to and fro. It’s a big to-do about town.”

Get BASIC over here.