New Music: Culte "It's Too Cold to Be Spring"

Yura’s been making under the radar, beautiful music for a while now. While the live band experience brings something totally new to the table, I’m always drawn back to her bedroom recordings that seem instinctive and intimate, reminding me a lot of early R.L. Kelly. Full disclosure, Yura’s a mate, but I’d been listening to her music for quite a while before that happened. It's Too Cold to Be Spring is a track I connect with so much - bringing up that time of year where you feel like it should be warmer, you shouldn’t be this damn poor and drama is gonna settle down but it just doesn’t. It's like waiting even after you’re told your time is up. Heartbreaking but there’s still just a little slither of hope.

The single is from Vol. 1, a compilation from Healthy Tapes in support of RISE. Grab a copy and follow Culte over here.