Premiere: Cee Blu "Thrill"

Awash in a sea of soft pads, we’re truly excited today to be premiering some experimental R&B at its finest in Thrill. South-Auckland’s Cee Blu has crafted something that’s truly unlike anything else we’ve heard - ambient soundscapes, some real varied and unique vocal phrasing and a beat that eventually breaks into a pattern that’s somewhere between R&B and drum and bass. ’I’m a mess with you’ Cee repeats not solemnly, but rather passionately - expressing that kind of elevating excitement involved in finding someone new. It’s kinda hard to make many comparisons because the sound is such an innovative and unique approach to the genre, which in itself is not so dissimilar to how I felt when I first heard FKA Twigs. Comparisons and explanations aside, what we’re trying to say is that Thrill is a real special taste of what’s to come.

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