New Music: BOAT SHOW "Cis White Boy"

So BOAT SHOW are amazing and important and really they’re probably the only band you should listen to this week. I saw them a few Monday nights ago and they shook my school night sleepiness to its core. Their new album is a groundbreaking masterpiece ranging from short and sharp punk (‘Suss’, ‘I Hate Work’) to incredible, classic hooks like in their previous single as well as in ‘Cis White Boy’. An important statement on entitlement in the music scene (which you could probably, nah definitely, say isn’t exclusive to music), we feel a better reference for further reading on this would be over at LISTEN with their interview with friend of eucie Monique Myintoo. We’re really just here to tell you to stop reading this page and go buy Groundbreaking Masterpiece over here right now.

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