Premiere: Astral Skulls "What We Lost"

There’s no one way to reconcile yourself with loss, and the new video from Melbourne band Astral Skulls portrays that beautifully. What We Lost features interviews with a bunch of bands we’ve featured before like the Pink Tiles and LoVision, as well as other Melbourne legends Hi-Tec Emotions, Sexistential Waterfall, SPIT, Overtime, Pearl Bay, Fourteen Nights at Sea and the Aztecs about their experiences with loss, in whatever form comes to mind. The result is something really touching and honest - a video that you can’t help but find someone you truly relate to in (for me personally, the 2nd person explaining loss as not feeling like you could ask for help omgggg).

What We Lost is the first taste from Astral Skulls’ second album Believe Me It’s Here out in February next year. It’s strong as hell 909-based post-punk that takes some of the brilliant ideas from Contact:Light and brings them back into a more classic, straight forward sound that’s easy to fall in love with.

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