Premiere: Ani Lou "Eralda"

Pretty excited today to be premiering the beautiful new EP from Tasmanian artist, Ani Lou. For a debut EP, Eralda is an incredibly mature and accomplished piece of work. From the pop hooks of lead single Ascend, those incredibly colourful chord changes in Too Late (a personal highlight) and the stunning vocal layering all throughout the record - it’s an easy one to fall in love with. Written and composed in a time where Ani was struggling through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Eralda feels undeniably human and intimate, translating this kind of debilitation into something that's truly gorgeous.

Mixed by Simon Hagström Rennestedt and Henrik Alsèr (both from Sweden), there’s an evident Scandinavian influence here, with subtle touches of a kind of direct storytelling reminding us a lot of Sharon Van Etten. Eralda is a truly refined and nuanced piece of work from an artist well worth keeping an eye out for.

Eralda is out today. Grab a copy now over on her bandcamp.