New Music: Allysha Joy "FNFL"

It’s Record Store Day tomorrow. And that normally means that major labels will re-release a bunch of really ordinary and overrated records and in turn, hopefully those local, innovative hits might (if they’re lucky) spot the eye of the head-down-to-the-record-store-one-day-a-year types. But that’s a bit of a broad brush, because it also happens to co-incide with the release of FNFL - the new 7” from Allysha Joy out through those fine people at Northside. We’ve totally gushed over Allysha before with her collaboration with SO.CRATES, plus I’ve personally had Solstice on repeat for the last year - but FNFL shows a real strong new direction. A beautiful mix of the electronic and acoustic, Allysha has an amazing ability to use her jazz chops to make something beautifully accessible and tasteful. Get down tomorrow folks. And every other day too.

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