Premiere: Pamcy "Beauty Parlor"

Excited to be premiering Beauty Parlor, the newest single from Manila-based artist Pamcy and the first from her upcoming debut LP BINIBINI. A stunningly danceable album opener, Beauty Parlor is a piece of DIY-House you’ll have stuck in your head for days. Pamcy sees the track as personally transformative, explaining that,

“I get haircuts frequently and it's always awkward for me because I'm extremely shy. Sometimes I end up getting bad haircuts because I'm too shy to talk to the hairdresser. Though it feels weird most of the time, I like how it gives me a sense of transformation. It's a strangely transformative and necessary part of life that I felt like I wanted to describe through music.”

A wonderful follow up to her two EPs last year, Piso Isa and Deep Sea Pearls, the single and upcoming album firmly cement Pamcy as one of the most exciting young electronic artists making a name for themselves outside of the typical US/Europe scenes. The LP is available for pre-order from Healthy Tapes on Pamcy’s bandcamp.