Premiere: Maliblue "Trykt"

Single Artwork.jpg

Stoked as to be premiering the beautiful new single from elusive Melbourne artist, Maliblue. We’ve shared their stuff before (under the name Bermuda), but Trykt is a whole new unreal world. Lifted from an upcoming cassette Hex, the single sounds and feels like the first time you heard that Moby record (with the naivety of not knowing that Moby would later become a millionaire vegan who spends his day shaming poor people?). Its stunning use of samples and loose percussion combine to make something really special - familiar yet unlike anything you’ve heard before.

"The single is the first taste from a stunningly exploratory upcoming album Hex - a record symbolising “movement and achieving zen through accepting ongoing chaos”. Influenced by accelerationist pop, disco and lo-fi house, the record symbolises a dramatic tonal, personal and artistic shift for Maliblue, having previously released cassettes with iconic vaporwave labels Adhesive Sounds and 永遠に B O G U S // COLLECTIVE."

Hex comes out through Healthy Tapes on September 7th. Pre-order the cassette here.

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