Premiere: Badskin "Where Was I (Part 1)"


With a history of playing in bands such as Hot Palms, Soda Eaves and Yffer, it’s hard to ignore new music from Townsville via Melbourne sound artist Carla Oliver (aka. Badskin). Comprised of guitar loops and field recordings taken in Northern Queensland’s Paluma Ranges, Where Was I (Part 1) is the first taste of Oliver’s debut solo LP. There’s something unsettling yet comforting for those familiar with rural Australia in the amount of tension built through wide open spaces, personally reminding me a lot of Bryony Marks & Emma Bortignon’s eerie and unnerving soundtrack to 2007 film Noise. Recorded and mixed by Oliver and mastered by 12k’s Taylor Deupree, the album is comprised of four movements and will be released in late April as limited LP (100 copies) on Brierfield Flood Press. If the rest of the record is anything like this first movement, it’s sure to be a stunningly captivating listen.

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