Premiere: Footy "Australian Animals"


Pretty stoked to be premiering something this beautifully bizarre today. The new video for Australian Animals from Melbourne-based band Footy is an uncomfortably special and nostalgic visual piece that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since I saw it last week. The single comes from Flora Fauna, the upcoming 3rd album from Footy (joined by local legend Evelyn Ida Morris) recorded over a weekend at the late and lamented Bank in Preston. Pretty lost for words on how to analyse the video, I thought it’d be better to ask the band…

“Australian Animals, Footy’s only single from up-coming album Flora Fauna, features a video that is defiantly lo-fi. Comprising 30 year old game show footage interspersed with iPhone video of a rural supermarket carpark and historical mural, at times monotony builds to uncomfortable points. The blandness of the real life location echoes the frustration and endless circuity of the song. Ultimately, things are ambiguous, but this ambiguity is bedded in a darkness, shame and stagnation that are all too familiar. The political resonance of the lyrics confound things further - there's little clarity, and we resolve into a twitchy static. There's plenty of optimism elsewhere on the new album, but this video is Footy first taking you somewhere new and unsettling.”

Flora Fauna comes out Nov 23rd through Lost & Lonesome, and the tape will be launched at a matinee show on December 16th at Northcote Social Club. Get your ticket here.

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