New Music: Chloe x Halle "The Two of Us"

This is normally a singles review club over here. But the new unseparated mixtape from sisters Chloe x Halle means we got no choice but to write broadly about this incredible release as whole (because there was no way we weren’t gonna talk about it). A little bit Beyoncé doing minimal RnB, mixed with a more experimental and beautifully inconsistent form that recalls a bit of The Internet - this mixtape is such a triumph by the two artists. One of the most original releases we’ve seen so far this year - the tracks are short and direct, the skits recall A Seat at the Table in their tasteful execution and the duel vocal harmonies are should have you convinced if you aren’t already. A lot of blogs have said they’re excited to hear what’s come from Chloe x Halle, but seriously I don’t know what more I’d want from a release. Enjoy.

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