Inflorescence 12

This moment from this week is a sign that maybe things will be okay. New music bursting in inflorescence from LIGHTSKINJOHNGR’s collaboration with Shiraz (Shiraz & LSJ) & Lion Dixon, as well as new material from Andrea SilvaAyelle and Sydney artist Mookhi.

📷: Sessility


LIGHTSKINJOHNGR - NOANSWR [ft shiraz/liondixon]

“In this world full of shots, there’s not many swishes and if I make too many then they say the net was different”

That line should be all you need to know. And if it isn’t, then just check out that incredible production. These three are doing something special.

Andrea Silva - Waltz

Waltz is a truly gorgeous track. Beautiful lyricism from Andrea Silva and guitar work from Avi Buffalo, this one’s a bit more subdued than what we normally post here, however it’s a perfect comedown song that’s powerfully moving and will have you either crying or on okcupid or both.

Ayelle - Issues

That synth in the intro really reeled me in here and while I can’t normally do trap hats, I couldn’t pass up sharing this beautiful track from Ayelle. You really hear the strengths of Ayelle’s beautiful vocal phrasing/tone when this drops and the flourishes are heartbreakingly good.

Mookhi - So Sushi

There’s a lot of good things to hear in the debut EP from Sydney’s Mookhi - but it’s this short track that I feel showcases her incredible ear for production the best. The gaps in this one get me everytime.