Inflorescence 11

This week it’s been hard to listen to much music because all I wanna do is listen to The Read. So nice to hear two people not feel like they have to explain everything they talk about (and it’s totally fine that soooooo much goes over of my head). The dynamic goes from passionate anger to open-mouth-almost-crash-your-bike/car laughing, and it’s helped me so much. Anyways, when I wasn’t going back and listening to each eppie - I was seriously enjoying these beautiful hits from jsmn/meelali/theepharoahlimboHenry Green and Baraka/Persona La Ave/Gwendolyn Moore.

📷: Sessility


jsmn - rowboats & reebok w/ meelali & theepharoah

I was just heading in to write about one of jsmn’s other tracks I’ve been loving - but immediately jumped on this one released just a few days ago. The dynamic changes in Rowboats & Reebok are seriously so special, and the whole thing sounds like calling in sick at work to ride down to the beach.

limbo - airplane mode

I’ve been wanting to write about this one for ages now. The lyrics in this are overwhelmingly relatable, and the chorus gets stuck in my head non stop every few days when I have to turn on airplane mode to concentrate on something more important.

Henry Green - Loose

The way Henry approaches percussion is seriously incredible. Every element is so unbelievably tasteful, where as the atmosphere they create with their choice of melodic instruments reminds me a lot of what makes Rhye so special. I got a lot of time for Henry’s new EP, Real - but this last track might just be my favourite.

Baraka & Persona La Ave ft. Gwendolyn Moore - Reunite

All star trio come together for something really special in this one. That duelling vocal melody kills me, and the production is incredibly subdued and effective - a really nice collaboration that hopefully we’ll hear more from soon.