Inflorescence 10

We’re too sleepy this week to write a longer description up here. Enjoy this crowd drawing hit from Melbourne’s Wet Lips - along with a few slices of masterful pop from Dis Perado (디스페라도) + EXNGiiANA + Summer Soul and Jakob Ogawa, all thrown in together to assure you that the future of pop is in safe hands.

📷: Sessility


Wet Lips - Can’t Take It Anymore

I was pretty shattered to be out of town for Wetfest III, which seemed to host the one of the strongest lineups all year in celebration of this new one from Wet Lips. To gather up legends like our favs Two Steps on the WaterBahdoesa and RVG - you’d want a damn strong track, which luckily Wet Lips have delivered in Can’t Take It Anymore. The second taste from their upcoming record, the call out of rich, ‘unique’ rock boys from Camberwell has me pretty sold. Here’s hoping the band can continue to call Melbourne out on their shit.

Dis Perado (디스페라도) - It Not You (feat. EXN)

The future of pop isn’t at Warner or Universal. Not even close. It’s on the online soundcloud communities where a bunch of Korean based kids are reposting, loving and supporting each others work. If soundcloud does indeed close down like it’s rumoured to - I sure as hell hope a free replacement comes fast. Slow, minimal beat sitting comfortably under some of the smoothest vocal phrasing you’ll hear all year - EXN’s verse is a real highlight.

GiiANA - Paradise (feat. Summer Soul)

We’ve spoken of our love for Summer Soul before - and this feature is something real special. Intersecting polyphony, yet still enough space for the kind of melodies Summer Soul does so well to get stuck in your head for weeks, Paradise is a highlight from GiiANA’s new EP - there’s a free download floating around too if you wanna poke around on their soundcloud.

Jakob Ogawa - All Your Love

Something really special from Norway that found its way into our inbox a few weeks ago - weird and beautiful nostalgic pop from Jakob Ogawa. Fans of early Sean Nicholas Savage will fall hard for this one, as will anyone with a hint of emotion in their old bones.