Inflorescence 09

What a week. The kind of one that makes you wanna delete all your social media and get the f away from the screen. But then, you kinda can’t you know? You gotta stay aware of what is happening - to hold these people accountable, to make sure you’re supporting those who need it and maybe most importantly, to raise the voices of those most affected.

Ugh. Anyways, we hope we can help with some pretty wonderful music this week - like this touchingly beautiful one from Melbourne’s Sandy Hsu, a COTE track so special that it’s our first time writing about the same artist twice, as well as some gorgeous hits that we ran into this week from Lyves and B.Miles. Take care. We’re going a little holiday and will only be sporadically posting some pre-planned features - see you mid-February xoxo

📷: Sessility


Sandy Hsu - Blue Light

Blue Light is maybe my favourite song from Sandy Hsu. Really nice minimal percussion and a beautiful soundscape underneath - think Angel Olsen if she grew up in suburban Melbourne and spent her weekends taking the train into the city to go to Missing Link for hours like the rest of us. The way this track fades out is gorgeous, a masterful moment in a beautiful little EP you should get right now - released by local youth-run label, Decibels Records.

COTE - Cruel

We were all about COTE’s last single, Golden Hour, but this new one has really got us excited about what’s to come for her. It’s a little more fuller sounding than her previous work, but it works really well for Cruel - an astonishingly well crafted track tinged with vibes reminiscent of our true loves Totally Mild.

Lyves - Free

The new EP from Lyves (aka Francesca Bergami) is one that regulars to this place are gonna fall in love with. Free is the beautiful closer off the record, one of those tracks that’s so spacious that you feel you’re right there in the room with Francesca. Tell me that falsetto isn’t paradise.

B. Miles - Running

A seriously infectious hit to round out this one. Pretty standard formula taken to the next level - this one is for people bored of pop music (which has been totally me this week).