New Music: Todavia "Fix Myself"

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not into most shoegaze/dream-pop. My harshest criticism I guess is that at worst it can sorta seem like musical theatre - an impersonation of a genre in the past that leaves little room for development. In fact it reminds me of uni where the boys would try and outdo each other with how big they can sound. Anyways, forget all that because Todavia are a huge exception to my make-believe-but-still-kinda-true rule. Rhyan Riesgo makes incredibly touching and intimate dreamy songs, and her new track Fix Myself is one that I was so happy to come across last week. “I can’t fix you ‘till I fix myself” is a line that brings out all my feelings, as I reflect on the day to day navigation of giving love vs self-love. Put it on repeat and remember to be good to yourself.

Follow Todavia over here AND listen to her incredible Beach House cover over here.

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