Inflorescence 08

I’m writing this and it’s 38ºC. That’s just dumb. What’s it like to have aircon? Let me know. Actually don’t - here’s some loose, heat-exhausted reviews for this week. Good, good things courtesy of Melbourne’s Tetrahedra remixed by Thhomas, perfect pop execution from Orchidand Martinez and instrumental hip-hop that isn’t boring from Killer Bee. Enjoy!

📷: Sessility


Tetrahedra - I’ll Keep On (Thhomas Remix)

I really like Tetrahedra. I see their name around town a lot and I’ve got a lot of time for their self-described “crooked pop bangers”. I also really adore Thhomas’ 7″ through Moontown, so when I saw this wonderful meeting I just had to dive in deep. Don’t normally post remixes, this is an exception though - beautiful and subtle, it’s the perfect soundtrack to watering your plants, and then giving your face a cheeky little spray too (was for me anyways).

Orchid - Body

This new one from London’s Orchid (Orchid Vishkaiy) is some pretty perfect, intimate pop. No gimmicks here, the production is restrained and masterful, and fans of that incredible debut Wafia EP will wanna put this on repeat.

Martinez - Off the Shore

Got sent this one a few months ago and so good to hear it’s finally out. That change of chord at the beginning of the chorus gets me every time I listen to this. If you like minimal, dreamy pop that’s subdued and addictive - get a hold of their new EP.

Killer Bee - irl

Taking a summer off to study beatmaking sounds like the best thing you could do for yourself, and that’s just what NJ/NYC artist Killer Bee did. The results of this study vacation come through strong in their new hip-hop instrumental tape, Otaku - of which we’ve taken our personal fave slow burner, irl.