Inflorescence 05

My last week of 2016 was kinda a good reflection of the up and down fuckedness of entire year. I fell the sickest I’ve been in forever, unable to move for three days, and then spent the next two days swimming in the sun in East Gippsland. Nice to be here in 2017 though. Set yourself up for a good year by keeping an eye on a bunch of heroes like Briana JeanBlaq CarrieYon Yonson & Sissysocks.

Photo by Hotel Traffic.


Briana Jean - Collide

A gorgeous slow cut from her upcoming record, ELEMENTS (available this Friday). The change of chords in the chorus made this a highlight of the week and a pretty stunning way to start a new year.

Blaq Carrie - Lemme Ride (ft Amela Duheric)

Hip-hop for fans of the classics, this new one from Brisbane’s Blaq Carrie is a golden gaytime on the kind of beach that smells like coconut sunscreen. That chorus is so nice, you can’t help but wanna hear more.

Yon Yonson - Call It Something I Ate

This band has been on my radar for years, yet somehow up until this week I’d never sat down to listen to them. I guess the fact they’re working with the always incredible TEEF got me hitting play, and that infectious house beat paired with the masterful way that glockenspiel is brought in and out is enough to make me reach for that repeat button.

Sissysocks - Wander

There’s something very Depression Cherry about the new Sissysocks track, Wander. It’s got that repetitiveness and that drone I love about Beach House, coupled with a real warmth that’s patient and comfortable.