Inflorescence 07

100 posts deep. What a nice feeling, mainly because we’d tried to start a blog a couple of times and it never really worked out. Thanks to Hype Machine for the <3, Submit Hub for the help, all the people who’ve emailed us music and supported what we do and all the folks who’ve come here for new music that the other blogs aren’t touching. We’ll be continuing our support for artists who don’t fit the standard old PR cycle, as well as keeping our posts down to 5-6 a week to keep the quality high for a long time to come. Here’s some incredible stuff that’s made us feel feelings this week - like one of the best Julie Byrne tracks we’ve heard yet, more Sampa the Greathits as well as some real tasteful numbers from Auckland’s .hans. and Tyler Coolidge(feat. Alanna Aguiar).

Photo by Sessility.


Julie Byrne - I Live Now As A Singer

How nice it is to hear new music from Julie Byrne. Her last album/compilation Rooms With Walls & Windows stole my heart for many months/years after its release, and all the singles from her upcoming record suggest it might all happen again. Beautiful folk with an ambient backdrop, the additional strings in I Live Now As A Singer have taken my love for her music to the next level.

.hans. - Guess


Real simple, tasteful jazzy piano, lo-fi beat and the hummed soft lyrics from .hans. are a real special combination in Guess. Short and sweet, never overstaying its welcome.

Sampa the Great - Mona Lisa

Sampa the Great (Sampa Tembo) is really cementing herself as undeniably one of the most important artists in Australia - and Mona Lisa just takes that one step further. Straight forward and defying, Mona Lisa’s a song about “not catering to the myth that a young woman must compromise her integrity in the pursuit of success”.

Tyler Coolidge - Limbo (+ ALANNA AGUIAR)

More gold in our inbox - this new one from Tyler Coolidge is R&B phrasing at its finest. Pretty unique percussion and a guest appearance from Alanna Aguiar (whose stuff you also NEED to check out over here) make this one a track you’ll be itching to put on repeat.