Inflorescence 06

We know we say this most weeks, but the amount of incredible music we are sent every week is astounding. We started Inflorescence because we never wanted to post more than once a weekday, or sacrifice quality - which is something the artists we cover never do in their music. Some highlights this week come in the form of hard hitting house from Martin King, a summer hit from Sydney’s Wallace, and beautiful honesty from okay(K) (ft. Lexie) and Don Neil.

📸: Sessility


Wallace - Raffled Roses

I’m generally pretty eh on steel drums in 2016/2017, but I can make an exception for this one. It came out a while ago, but it’s just so beautiful that I’m pretty ecstatic about it finding it’s way into my inbox this week. Raffled Roses kind of song you listen to on repeat on a perfect 30º afternoon, clipping your nails in front of a fan set to somewhere in the middle.

okay(K) - youforic (ft. lexie)

Smooth R&B sitting just under 100bpm, the dynamic drops between each new section are such nice moments. Stick around to the end, the way both okay(k) and lexie’s voices don’t totally match up rhythmically is real special - an honest and undeniably human touch.

Don Neil - I’m Weak

Real honest hip-hop right here, no bravado, just strength in pouring it out for all to hear. Over those low-cut stabbing synths, Don Neil’s vocal phrasing is something that brings back Telefone feelings and hopefully something that’ll find Don a wider audience.

Martin King - Pepsi

A pretty surprising turn for Martin King, Pepsi sounds like the very loveable Harpoons-member has gone full house. Not a bad thing though - Pepsi is super minimal and like the name suggests, a refreshing treat you deserve every now and then.