New Music: Biscotti "Jeannie Brown"

Jeannie Brown is the hold music to when Brian, the nicest sounding customer service assistant in the world, tells you that fixing your internet connection is his top priority for today. He says he’ll be a minute, but as the hold music progresses, you release it’s been three minutes, and then five, and then ten, and at some point in the middle of that psychedelic-ish outro in the fourth playing of Jeannie Brown, you realise Brian’s fucking with you. He doesn’t care. He just told you what you wanted to hear. And he’s never coming back.

A little bit Stereolab, and a little bit Nara Leão if she had access to Ableton, Jeanie Brown is the first taste of the debut album from Melbourne artist, Biscotti (aka. Carla Ori) courtesy of Listen Records. It’s pop music with the perfect amount of strange and will leave you feeling warm, positive and a little more forgiving of Brian, who you guess is just doing his job.

Follow Biscotti here and if you’re in Melbourne, head to the launch Saturday night supported by DianasShag Planet and Gregor.

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