New Music: Fia Fiell "A Hair, A Heap"

I was 8 when I watched The Abyss and let me tell you, it fucking terrified me. The stress of high-pressure nervous syndrome and liquid breathing is probably why I’ll never go diving, however if I ever change my mind, I think A Hair, A Heap might just be the perfect soundtrack. I don’t mean this in a way of escapism, but in a way in which Melbourne’s Fia Fiell (aka. Carolyn Schofield) has created a world that would compliment my anxieties perfectly in that situation. Upon layers of incredibly gorgeous and calming glistening sounds as you look up to the surface, the occasional change of chord into dissonance would be there to remind me that I’m above bottomless holes out somewhere I’m not supposed to be.

A Hair, A Heap is the title track from Fia Fiell’s debut release. You can pick it up from the always nice, Nice Music, over here.

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