New Music: Greta Now "Water Harvesting"

Upon a quick google search of what 80’s/90’s Casio keyboard model had those cool programmed beats that kinda sound like the one in the wonderful Water Harvesting, I couldn’t help but lol at an Amazon reviewthat said ‘I wouldn’t recommend this keyboard for anyone, not even the novice… the banjo doesn’t sound like a banjo; the accordion doesn’t sound like an accordion!’.

This gorgeous debut track from Sydney’s Greta Now isn’t striving for perfection or familiarity, instead it sounds like it’s going for a drive just to see where it ends up. The slow fade in and fade out, a fleeting little moment of happiness like finding a pack of mentos in the pocket of a jacket you’d left in the boot.

Follow Greta Now on soundcloud and watch the charming video over here.