New Music: Cold Hands Warm Heart "Nightfall"

Walking on the banks of the Merri and basking in that beautiful afternoon glow only for it to eventually simmer into the early darkness of a cool Melbourne night. It’s an aesthetic I know all to well being lucky enough to live here and one that Zoe Scoglio captures beautifully in Nightfall, the new video from the always stunning Cold Hands Warm Heart. Zoe captures that cool chill you feel when standing above the M3 and that delightful wonder when traversing through the Merri, a river that weaves its way through Melbourne dictating inner-city development around its complicated architecture. The video shows all the tenderness and strength of the river and the people who live around it… and the song? Just gorgeous.

If you’re in Melbourne, the video is launching tonight with support from HTML FlowersLucy Roleff and James Tom DJ. Check out more of Zoe Scoglio’s work here.