Inflorescence 03

Once again overwhelmed with gold in our inbox this week. Everyone’s rushing in the good stuff before the year closes out and it’s amazing - but also makes it hard to get to bed early. This week we got some magical-realism via Melbourne’s Bermuda, a diamond in the rough by Sydney’s Violet, as well as gems from Commandeur (feat. Yeo) and Henry Green.

Photo by Hotel Traffic.


Violet - 1995

Incredible production and totally left-field instrumentation from Sydney’s Violet. Can’t wait to hear more.

Bermuda - Triptych

Dreamy, surreal and relaxed, like anxiously reading Gabriel García Márquez on vacation.

Commandeur - Speak Your Mind (feat. Yeo)

Damn, Yeo nailing the falsetto on top something a little beat heavier. What a dream.

Henry Green - Real

Last one for this week. Something really special that found it’s way into our inbox. Incredible voice over some of the most tasteful percussion that’s a little Mount Kimbie, a little Albatross (RIP).