Inflorescence 04

My first day at home in like two weeks and it feels so nice. Sorry if your emails went unreplied, there are just not enough hours in the day. Super excited to share some things I either came across in my inbox or out there in the beautiful, weird wide web. Local gold this week from Melbourne’s SO.Crates (feat. Allysha Joy) and Perth’s K Wilson, alongside new material from Bitte Please & c.p

📷: Sessility


SO.Crates - Her Hands (feat. Allysha Joy)

Smoothest of the smooth. That guitar, that piano and Allysha’s voice are just perfect. I’m super late to this one, but this is one of my favourite tracks of the year.

K Wilson - 4.

Beautiful, spacious ambience from K Wilson via exciting new Perth label, New Leaf Inc. Gorgeous collage of different sounds to make for really enjoyable listen.

Bitte Please - The Lamp Is High

Those jazzy chords really pulled me in deep. Nice and slow, every sound so effective and tasteful in this one.

c.p - i don’t

Dark, resentful heartbreak over lo-fi samples, it’s no pick me up but captures something truly honest and intimate.