“It just comes across as forced and boring as fuck” Semplesize

Semplesize bring back all the elements of blogging in the early 2010s that I love (think No Fear of Pop, Flashlight Tag, Stadiums and Shrines, verb/re/verb etc etc). While there’s significantly less chillwave on the site than those classics, Semplesize’s articles really just sound like reviews from honest fans who just wanna share and write about the music they love. As the site dips it’s toes into the IRL world this Sunday in Melbourne at the Gasometer with SempleLIVE, they were nice enough to take some time out to have a chat about what makes them so special.


Can you tell us a little bit about Semplesize?

Well, Semplesize started a few years back as the independent blog run completely by the lovely Laura Semple until I came on the scene almost two years ago now and took over the reigns whilst Laura went off to start her own Publicist business and play in bands. The entire idea of the site is just to share what we love, if that be music, art, photography, fashion, anything really. We always work it so that no piece we post up is forced, like I don’t want any writer to ever write about something because they think they have to. It’s got to be about what you love, otherwise it just comes across as forced and boring as fuck. I suppose really that’s what we are, we’re a bunch of people just sharing what we love. 

I’ve personally found running a blog to be quite an insular, online experience. SempleLIVE seems as if it’s breaking out of the online world into the physical, irl world. Do you think it’s important for writers/publications to engage with the community offline?

From the first day when I took on the site, what I really wanted the most was to have something physical, something that broke away from just being like ‘Hey, I’ve got an online blog that you can look at’ and bring it into something that expands upon the ethos of sharing what we love and bring that into the physical. Today I think it’s all too easy to start a blog and get some rep, I think what sets the big bloggers apart is their dedication and creativity to expand past just writing. #CreativeContent is what people want, so we’ve just always got to think of fun and different ways to put our stuff out there. 

With sempleLIVE, it’s been daunting as all hell. The stress of putting on a live show like sempleLIVE is insane, you don’t realise how much there really is to do until it’s happening. I’ve been really lucky, Laura has come back into the scene and really she’s done 99% of the planning for me haha. She’s so amazing, and works super hard, like in the beginning I just had an idea and I had no clue how to make it a real thing, then boom, she comes along and has been showing me how to do it. She’s been a god send really. 

Are you able to tell us a bit about who’s playing on December 18th?

sempleLIVE is really just going to be a great dance party.  Like if you’re not slut dropping by the end of the night then I feel like I have failed hahaha. We’ve got a great lineup of DJ’s most locals to the area and all 110% likely to drop the tunezzz. Semplesize DJ’s will also be making an appearance for the first time, I’m not saying we exactly know what we’re doing but we’re going to give it a good try. There’s also Yung HercDank OceanReasonable Craig, who is actually ½ of the amazing Slum Sociable and Rara DJ’s.

On the live front opening the night is newcomer Yollks. If it’s true that you have to break a few eggs to make a cake then it’s also true that Yollks will be dropping bangers worthy of breaking the dance floor. There’s actually an unreleased song of hers that I was present for the creation of that I know will absolutely bring the place down. 

Melbourne hun Aeora is probably one of my fave new acts to come out of 2016. If you love haunting melodies and huge vocals than Aeora is your gal. She also has a delightful cover of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood that I’ve heard she’ll be playing on the night that is going to go off!

Eilish Gilligan is the hun to end all huns! Her latest track ‘Here’ is something that just grabs hold of your soul and never lets go. It’s so stunningly beautiful and mesmerising from the moment I heard it I knew that I had to have her on the lineup. She also has worked with the likes of Japanese Wallpaper who she appeared alongside at Bigsound as well as her other project Fridas. She’s a woman with many outlets and all of them are equally amazing. 

If you haven’t heard of the name Huntly before then you’ve probably been living under a rock because these guys have been making waves with their chilled and funky brand of alt-electronica since they hit the scene. I’ve never had the chance to see these guys live yet because my schedule always seems to conflict with their dates so I’m actually super psyched to finally get to see them live. 

BATTS is someone who’s music is just really special. There’s something about the melodies in her tracks that are just very cinematic and beautiful. If you love stunning electronica backed by beautiful, uplifting vocals then this girl is the one for you. 

The final act on our little lineup of groovalicous huns is Brisbane outlet Confidence Man who have without a doubt just exploded all over the place with the release of their debut track Boyfriend (Repeat). Lovers of fun times, choreography, frivolity and everything joyous in the world will want to be there for these guys. I cannot speak more highly of this group, to be honest, they are so amazing that words jut really fail when trying to explain how excited I am to have them on the lineup. 

What are your plans for Semplesize in 2017?

2017 I really just want to go harder than ever before. We’ve already been in talks with some fun artist and brands talking about some great new content that we’ll be putting together. Hopefully, 2017 will see the return to sempleLIVE, I’ve always thought of it as the potential for a quarterly event showcasing amazing upcoming local talent, and I really hope that we will be given the opportunity to expand and bring some more great acts to the stage. Also I would really like to have a Semplesize event next year at Melbourne Music Week, but that’s just a dream at this point in time. 

We’re also currently in production for some new video content for the site, including Interviews and some great live session videos that we’re will be called sempleSESSIONS because of #Branding. There will also be a face lift and little updates to the site to make it a bit more fun and different. I hope 2017 is going to be a good year for the site and music in general. 

Book your ticket to SempleLIVE here.

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