Big Smoke: Time Is Golden

Fresh-faced from tears on the dancefloor, I was feeling really young as my housemate and I rode home at midnight through the backstreets of Melbourne’s inner north. Coming back from a listening party for Big Smoke’s debut record, sluggish and clumsy from too many drinks in the warm spring air, it occurred to me that we might just be unexperienced - far too young and thirty years too early to know how to come to terms with the early passing of our friend, Adrian Slattery. As we danced with people we love to the band’s debut record, Time is Golden, we cried in not only heartache for Adrian, but also in overwhelming pride for our friends who have carried on his legacy in a way that one can never really plan for in life.

I’ve made about ten attempts to write about the new Big Smoke record, but I realised on Sunday night that it’s not meant to be written about extensively. What Adrian meant to say in this record is richly enclosed in every song, delivered into powerful completion by three individuals, Alex, Luke and Paige, who intimately understood what it meant to him. To say that this is the album of year may not be enough, because it suggests that it might get lost in time as we unemotionally itemise future albums we fall in love with. Instead, for the people who Adrian touched dearly with his smile and his warmth, this is an album we carry with us and will continually come back to for the rest of our lives.

Time is Golden is out now through Barely Dressed Records.

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