Premiere: Hello Satellites “Here Because You Fell / Hello Lover”

If you’re like me and wake in pain most mornings missing the dreamiest label that ever was, Two Bright Lakes, then you’ll be as pleased as I am to hear new music from one of their most captivating alumni, Hello SatellitesHere Because You Fell / Hello Lover is the latest from Eva Popov and Georgia Harvey (Yffer, Cold Hands Warm Heart) - a double A-side lovingly fused to tell a story of anxiety and intimacy.

Recalling a kind of vocal intertwining not so dissimilar to Otouto or Swimming, the two tracks have a familiar warmth that’s tender and vulnerable, wonderfully captured to make you feel as if you’re there in the room as they’re being performed. Stripped away of some of the bigger synth sounds in Eva’s last record, there’s a wonderful honesty to the double A-side, making for some of the most direct and effective material we’ve heard yet from Hello Satellites.

The two tracks are a preview to Bright Face, their upcoming album due early next year through the consistently charming Eastmint.

If you’re in Melbourne, catch the launch this Sunday December 4th at Eastmint HQ. Follow Hello Satellites here.

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