“Denying yourself is so draining” Lonelyspeck

Lonelyspeck is the project of Sione Teumogenga from Adelaide. They just released their incredibly wonderful new single, All My Skin on the Air through TEEF and we were lucky enough to have a chat to them recently about Tinashe, comfort and social media.

Hey Sione! The new single is so beautiful. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Thank you! The song is basically about trying to tell myself it doesn’t matter if my feelings are messy or ugly or embarrassing, I have to let them out in some way for my own peace of mind. Also just being honest about what the feelings are, not trying to be dismissive or stoic. I can just feel it and it can be a lot and that’s okay. Denying yourself is so draining.

I read in an interview you did with the wonderful Jonno Revanche that you felt more at home in the Sydney music scene when you went up to play there. Have you always lived in Adelaide? Do you think you’d ever move?

I’ve lived here all my life except for a short time in country Victoria when I was little. I think I would like to move to Sydney one day if it became feasible for me… I love Adelaide but I feel like, with what I want to do, Adelaide will start to feel limiting. Not in a snobby way but like in a community and diversity way. In the long run I dream of living alone in rural New Zealand.

What are your favourite tracks on the new Tinashe album?

Sacrifices! When she hits those big notes in the chorus I get chills. And Party Favors still has the hardest beat I’ve ever heard. The whole album is really solid all the way through. I think Tinashe is so underrated considering how talented and versatile and consistent she is, like across the board as a vocalist, songwriter, producer, performer, everything. She’s amazing.

The first time I properly met you irl was when you came up to me commenting on me DJing All That Matters by Justin Bieber. Thanks for that, it made me feel more at ease playing shameless pop to a room populated by a pretty large number of bros! Personally I find that kind of pop music a great release from pressures of masculinity in those spaces. Do you use pop music for anything other than enjoyment?

I definitely feel that. I’ve really sincerely found a lot of catharsis and healing in pop music, often even more than like, whatever tasteful indie fave. Justin Bieber’s Purpose album came out at a time when my mental health had been in a really bad place and it was honestly so powerful and important for me. His candidness in interviews about learning to trust himself and be soft and loving gave me so much life. Ariana Grande’s albums have all come out at emotionally tender times for me too and I associate so much warmth with her and her music.

These last few weeks have been fucked. What have you found comfort in lately?

It’s shocking, I’ve actually never had such a real feeling of dread and despair about the state of the world. I’ve just been trying to focus on what is tangibly constructive and not devote energy to like, keeping up with hot takes and thinkpieces on the internet. Social media can be pretty draining at times like this and I have to remind myself I can just log out.

I was so excited to hear you’re part of the TEEF family, one of my favourite labels in Australia. How did this come about? Are you able to sneak us any details on future releases?

Tommy was really enthusiastic about wanting to release something of mine! PLZ Make It Ruins (the London label that released my first EP) and I felt that the new material I’d been working on wasn’t really fitting for a PLZ release, and I was also feeling it would be a good time to have things based closer to home. So TEEF was the obvious choice from there, and I’m super happy with how everything has been going. I won’t say much about future releases other than that you’ll be finding out more very soon!

Photo by Jonno Revanche.
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