Premiere: Zól Bálint "Lane Splitting"

We’re pretty damn stoked today to be premiering Lane Splitting, the gorgeous title-cut from Zól Bálint’s new EP. Wonderfully composed and tastefully blended together, the track sounds like a mix of Bibio covering bossa nova onto a cassette worn out from being lovingly played on repeat at an Italian beachside cafe. I guess what we’re trying to say is that Lane Splitting is great, and remarkably difficult to pin down in 2016.

Zoltan explains the track as being about ‘going for a bike ride and freely weaving through dense, slow traffic’, metaphorically zooming past all the internal chatter, anxiety and creative blocks.

“The song moves from quite a slow and melancholic mood to an uplifting double-time ‘YEAH!’ feeling, then back down, then back up… something which I (and I’m sure so many others) experience on an emotional level when creating something. I wanted to reflect that delicacy and vulnerability, so most of the elements are single-takes without too much editing to preserve a natural and organic feeling, even though it was still assembled on a computer.”

Packed with plenty of fluttering delays, beautiful acoustic guitar playing and natural field recordings, Lane Splitting is the kind of easy listening that’s even easier to fall in love with.

The Lane Splitting EP will be available next Tuesday the 18th. Check out the launch in Melbourne next Friday night supported by Nico Niquo and ORCHA. Follow Zól Bálint over here.

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